Build Kernel v2.6.35.9, but USB/LAN does not go active


I am trying to build a new fresh kernel for the Beagleboard XM Rev A
(But the sticker on the board says B). I can build the code and
install it by browsing the many different sets of instructions on how
to do it. It will boot and the DVI screen will light up and run and
the serial console will work. But the USB hub (and thus the keyboard
and mouse) and the LAN adapter will not go active. They don't light
up or anything.

I have tried many different config setting combinations and nothing
works. I usually make a change and then the DVI port will die and the
screen won't work. But the USB and LAN section of the board never
activates. I have compared the .config of the v2.6.35.9-l9 which is
downloadable from here against my versions that I make and
nothing seems to stand out as being interesting in this regard. I
assume the config of the SMSC LAN9514 is the most important, but
fiddling with its config does not do anything interesting.

Is there a setting that is done outside of 'make menuconfig' that I
need to do to get this active. I have been working on this full time
for over a week and am getting nowhere.

I originally was working with v2.6.36.2, but the same thing was
happening so I backed up to x.35.9 to match the image I downloaded
which works correctly.

Any help would be appreciated... but help that actually gets it
working would be REALLY appreciated.


How vanilla is your mainline? (french vanilla?)

USB fix:

DVI A3 fix:

Koen aslo posted a patch for this to linux-omap, looks like just needs
a changelog and it's ready for mainline..