build SD image, BBSRM Sec. 12.3 for Rev. C4 bd.

I'm trying to obtain the components for an SD
card to use for board validation according
to the BB Standard Reference Manual, Sec.
12.3, step 7, to wit:

u-boot as u-boot.bin
u-boot for flash as u-boot-f.bin
ramdisk image as ramdisk.gz
Kernel (uImage) as uImage.bin
reset.scr as boot.scr
x-loader image as x-load.bin.ift
Regular script file as normal.scr

The supplied URL

then leads to a list of links for these sources, but
says, "for Rev C4 board" go here:

... where the above-listed components are either not
present or not at all clearly labeled. Eventually I hit
upon this procedure:

... which appears to be newer and more streamlined but
is targeted at Revision C2/C3. Aaargh.

Any idea on where to find a "coherent" set of components
for implementing this step from the BBSRM on a Rev C4
Beagleboard? Thanks in advance.