build your own toolchain for beagleboard

i haven't had a chance to test this yet, but i know that yann morin
has added beagle support to crosstool-ng:

if you download the source for ct-ng, you can see that there is a
sample config file for the beagle named "arm-beagle-linux-gnueabi."
how well it works, i'm not sure yet. if i have time later this week,
i'll test it.

  if someone else wants to see how well it works and has fixes, you
can submit them to yann or email me since i have write access on the
svn repo for ct-ng.


What's so beagle specific to it that isn't just 'armv7a'?



no idea yet, i haven't looked at it closely, i'm just passing on
info that yann mentioned in passing. if it's truly no different from
armv7a, then i can arrange for that config file to be renamed to a
more generic form to be more informative.