building a Image for beaglebone board

Hi all,

I am trying to build a image for beaglebone black,which supports only specified peripherals like USB ,Ethernet , Display screen with consisting a basic kernel files,

I am trying to ask ,how to build a customization Image(operating system) for beaglebone board?

If any one have any idea ,any link for this then please send it,


google jumpnowtek and beaglebone black, This will be a Yocto build, there is a learning curve to Yocto, but it allows you to also configure what’s in the filesystem also.
The other option is buildroot, allows for a very light weight filesystem.

These are the only two methods that I know of to build uboot, linux and filesystem.

TI also provide instructions on building an image (u-boot/kernel/filesystem) using Yocto at

I have used this to build a stripped down kernel with only the kernel drivers I needed plus a minimal filesystem (based on arago-base-tisdk-image). Once you get the hang of the image files you might be able to strip out even more to meet you needs.