Building a live audio streaming solution with the Beaglebone Black?


I’d like to build a live audio streaming solution using the Beaglebone Black, and I would love some direction.

I would like to take a line level balanced (TRS or XLR) audio signal from a mixer into an audio interface connected to a Beaglebone Black, encode it, transmit it over the network to a single or multiple Beaglebone Black’s, decode it, and send a line level balanced audio signal from the audio interface connected to a Beaglebone Black to a mixer.

Here’s an illustration of what I would like to accomplish.

Note that this solution will sit on an isolated network.

I am not concerned about latency so much. But I am concerned about the quality of the audio signal and the reliability of the solution.

It looks like FFserver and Icecast are possible approaches to streaming.

I’m open to the idea of designing a cape for the audio solution, leveraging USB audio interfaces for getting audio into and out of the Beaglebone Black, and any other ideas you may have.

Thanks so much!