Building a variant of the linux-image archive used by the image-builder project

I have been trying to build a linux-image debian archive from the tip of the 4.4 branch of

I wasn’t able to find a script which seemed to do this, so I ran a command like this in a chroot jail on an arm build host:

make-kpkg --initrd --revision=acme kernel_image

I used the a kernel config from 4.4.26-ti-r59 that had been edited with make oldconfig to add one additional module.

The command ran without error and produced a package successfully, but the generated archive was missing all the expected .dtb files in /boot/dtbs/{version}. These files ARE in the version of the linux-image archive that the image builder uses to build new BeagleBone jessie images.

I checked the man pages for make-kpkg and kernel-package to see if there were any options I needed to specify to include the device tree binaries but I didn’t see any.

I also tried running but this doesn’t seem to produce a debian archive.

Is the script that builds the linux-image debian archive used by the image-builder available somewhere?


use "make deb-pkg"....

For, 4.4.26-ti-r59 would be:

fakeroot make -j5 ARCH=arm LOCALVERSION=-ti-r59 CROSS_COMPILE=
DEBFULLNAME=rcn-ee deb-pkg

replace, DEBEMAIL, DEBFULLNAME, and KDEB_PKGVERSION with your own versions..



Thanks for your reply - that did what I expected it t do.