building angstrom, and selinux mmap violation

not sure what kind of feedback i expect for this, but in trying to
build a new angstrom image for the BB, i got an selinux violation
related to qemu-arm that i resolved by just switching selinux to
permissive mode.

  here's the report:

SELinux is preventing qemu-arm (unconfined_t) "mmap_zero" to <Unknown>

  this seems clearly related to having to set the following /proc

  # echo 0 > /proc/sys/vm/mmap_min_addr

i've used that before and it's never caused a problem, but i'm
guessing that maybe i always had selinux in permissive mode all that
time, and having it in enforcing mode this time caused this.

  the other solution suggested by selinux to get around this is:

# setsebool -P allow_unconfirmed_mmap_low 1

  so is any/all of this still necessary? this is on a fedora 11
system. the standard instructions for building angstrom for BB don't
mention the mmap issue, but i know i've been aware of this for some



Hello Robert,