Building Debian for Beaglebone / Cross Compiling..

Hi, i'm trying to hunt down information on doing a couple of of things;

  (a) a process for creating a custom installation of debian for beagle bone. I have a specific set of applications that i want to install onto multiple beagle bones, all setup the same way. Writing the boot system to Sd card, and then some kind of net install that was customised would be ideal!

  (b) cross compiling packages for debian running on beagle bone, on an X86 System.

Any clues / links or information would be hugely helpful.

Try this link:

Talks about cross compiles, etc.

Seems to be working for me :slight_smile:

So, the scripts located here: ( ) I use to
generate the images hosted here ( )... Which pretty much
does exactly that..


Multistrap and emdebian sound like something you'd be interested in
learning more about.

Multistrap [1] will allow you to build a root file system containing
what ever packages you want. It's fairly easy to get real Debian down
to 200 MB or so (including apt, dpkg, perl, and such).


Emdebian [2] will strip man-pages from that, reducing the size by about
30% over just what multistrap can do alone. There's binary packages for
Emdebian for Squeeze and going forward it'll be a part of the main repo.


There's also the emdebian cross compilers [3] that work well, along with
xapt (on squeeze) or multi-arch (on wheezy and newer) for satisfying
build depends.


Stick with squeeze at first as it works well. Wheezy and Sid are
usually in a state of flux and stuff gets broken a lot since some of
the way emdebian works is still not completely automated. I run full
squeeze (had tried emdebian but didn't need the space savings as even
small SD cards are > 2GB) on my bones using multistrap with good

Alternatively, do what Robert says :slight_smile: