Building on the Already Completed Boards/Capes!


For rcn, did you notice I finally figured out how not to type RE: ? Ha. Anyway, down to business…

I am trying to work w/ TI, OSH Park, and/or GHIelectronics to build a Cape of sorts. It is really already done and has been done, i.e. as the documents state. If interested, please view these articles:

  1. TIDA-00320 reference design |

Currently, I am trying to figure out other avenues on how to build w/ a Cape like the TIDA-00320 or a replica of such Cape w/ additions or subtractions of components.

Outside of explaining everything, I want to produce it one day as a useful tool but w/ a MSP type MCU attached. I am sure there are markets for such devices but I would rather learn. I am a bit selfish in this manner.

No more explaining. Okay.

So, already this Cape handles two stepper types of motors or a combination of 1 to 4 DC motors (two wire).

Anyway, this is interesting to me still!

So, if you are in, please provide some detail on ideas. For now, I am at scratch and dealing with companies that might be able to mfg. the “Cape” type piece that can be a standalone.


P.S. In the docs, there is a 30 sum paged doc. that describes a bit of it but w/ the DRV8803 x 2, I would like to update some components as TI has come out w/ specific items. So, I am looking for help or resources. I am also looking for acceptance. Should it be done? Should making the Cape see the light of day? Production maybe but at first, I thought why not make it as complicated as I can configure things? So there. Please reply to any and all when time provides.


If you are Cape makin’, look to OSH Park. There are some good people that are knowledgeable in their field. A fellow helped me w/ corrections on an uploaded .zip file I could not fix appropriately.

Anyway, the Cape makin’ is underway.


P.S. Now, if only Digikey, Mouser, and TI could mfg. more parts, I can put this ole bugger together!


The build is on hold. For some odd reason, there are a massive shortages in simple chips, resistors, and caps.


P.S. On hold and twiddling my thumbs patiently!