Building qgroundcontrol for beagle xm

Can anyone tell me if this might work? How would I go about trying? I have sweet project in my hands if I can get it running : ) I would also need to get xbee pro to work.

Hi everyone,

  We have had success getting a kernel to work for rev C Beagle-xM boards
under Ubuntu 10.10. It's been tough working out what was needed and patching
our kernel to make it work, but Jim (WB6NIL) is extremely persistant
and built a working kernel for our project late last night. He
backported some code from 2.6.37 and got it working in

  In addition, Moshe (NY2SI) found a bug in the chan_beagle driver, which Jim
also fixed. He will be packaging a new Pickle Linux today sometime that
includes all of our fixes. I don't know if he is going to create a patch for or not.