Building the OMAP35x Graphics Demo Software

I have gotten the BeagleBoard Angstrom Demo running on my Beagleboard

I am trying to setup the software for the AM35x and OMAP35x DVEVM
Graphics SDK following instructions here:

I have gotten to "AM35x and OMAP35x Rebuilding the Software" where is
Perform the following commands to prepare a location for the AM35x/
OMAP35x EVM target file system. For Beagleboard users, the filesystem
should already be available, and users can directly go to

So I skipped down to this section, but when I am following the
instructions to set up the makefile, I don't have any paths to the
kernel installation directory or to the location where the user’s
target file system resides because I skipped the previous steps.

Should I make a new SD card with the files from the OMAP35x-PSP-SDK-
#.##.##.##.tgz file I downloaded? Or will this mess things up becasue
i am using a Beagleboard and not an EVM?

Or should I try to set up the directories the same as in the previous
steps, but with my angstrom-demo-image files? I don't feel like I have
all the same files in order to do this.

When it said, "For Beagleboard users, the filesystem should already be
available" what did this mean? where should the filesystem be

Thank you!!

If you want to use the sgx on angstrom, just do:

opkg update && opkg install libgles-omap3

The few demo filesystem had them already installed and narcissus has a checkbox for it, check the platform specific section.



Does going through all of these steps installing all this stuff on my
host allow me to develop my applications on my host machine, and then
compile them for the board so that all I have to do is run it on the