Building uImage


I've been trying to build a custom kernel with little success. Just to
give you all a bit of background, I have been able to build MLO and
u-boot.bin just fine. Using an existing known working uImage file with
previously mentioned files, I've confirmed that my uImage builds are
bad. It simply hangs after ".....done, booting the ke"(see boot output.txt). I've tried this on my BB xm and C4. How to fix this?

I used git to get a copy of omap kernel version 2.6
I checked out .31 because I ran into errors trying to build .32
git checkout --track -b omap-2.6.31 origin/omap-2.6.31

Sourcery G++ Lite
Sourcery G++ Lite 2009q1-203

I have included the output from my BB to my PC and the configuration file.



boot output.txt (1.15 KB)

configfile.txt (35.3 KB)

Can you forward your bootargs


Are your sure that the boot proecess just hangs? do you have any display connected to the board?


I’ve managed to sort it all out.

I followed the instructions from to build uImage but it did not work. uImage was created but did not run. I then checked out the git angstrom kernel, built uImage and it did work. I also got SPI working. I built many uImages, checking out various versions and ensuring that all the variables were set correctly. Only when I changed to the angstrom repository did things actually work. Has anyone gotten working results with the elinux instructions? I’m at a loss to explain it since both versions have the same defconfig files. Anyways, I am happy things are working. David On 10-12-28 05:40 PM, Lioric Z3 wrote:

How can I redirect the output of something like pygame to a monitor connected via DVI? I don't want the user to have to login or boot up a GUI, just start displaying text and graphics kinda like a video game console.


I'm not sure about the redirect, but the for the
autorun you should be able to add your binary call
to startx or whatever script starts X.



David Wiebe wrote: