Buildroot: adding lighttpd missing outputs?

I'm trying to get Lighttpd up and running, but I'm having a few issues
and wondered if anyone could point me in the right direction. I've
only delt with Apache2, which was a breeze to get up and running on my
Ubuntu box, but I need a server in a new build on my BeagleBoard-xm
(rev A) and thought Lighttpd would be worth trying. Buildroot has
worked well before, so I just added the necessary dependencies and
rebuilt it. After building I brought the system back up and can only
find the lighttpd and lighttpd-angel in the /usr/sbin/ and a library
of mods in usr/lib/lighttphd/. Running lighttpd returns "No
configuration available. Try using -f option.", so it is wanting me to
point it to a proper config file. Is the config file somewhere here
and I can't find it or is it lost to the methos? I was assuming I
would get something under /etc/ as well, but no lighttpd folder
there. Like I said I've not done this before and need a good poke in
the right direction, thanks.