Buildroot question ?

Sure, patches welcome.


Well it's a debian package.

The issue: c9-core-installer call's npm.. npm has issues running in a
qemu environment..

I've dealt with it enough in the past, it's not something i'm going to
waste time working on.

So patches welcome.


Hello everyone,

Is there any possibilities for running beagle image on Virtual Machine Manager ?


I expect you’ve either given up or sorted it out but for anyone else reading this thread:

Buildroot packs the FAT and ext4 partitions into sdcard.img so all you need to do is dd them onto your card directly (/dev/mmcblk0 or /dev/sd? depending on your hosts card interface) … extracting the files is going backwards !

Note the Buildroot image does not follow the newer RAW approach for MLO, u-boot.img and so in most you won’t actually be using the BR u-boot version, unless you manually setup the card (and even then I’m having issues with my BBB using the uSD over the eMMC) but using the sdcard.img still lets you run from the BR generated uEnv.txt, kernel and rootfs.