Bullseye for BBB, ? KDE?

Hi all,
very new to BBB, so my questions may sound too basic, but I have spent time trying to research before posting.
I would like the latest image for the BBB - but, on the latest image BB page, none are listed for the Black, or, are not Bullseye.
I would prefer KDE to XFCE if possible.

You can find the latest snapshots here:

Bullseye: https://forum.beagleboard.org/t/debian-11-x-bullseye-monthly-snapshots/31280

(all images: https://forum.beagleboard.org/tag/latest-images )


TY VM for quick reply!
Did go and check out link - just to double check, there is no image or way to install KDE?

I’d start with the xfce image and install kde on it… You’ll need a very large microSD, no way it’ll fit on the eMMC…


OK, I have started with the xfce, so, will give KDE a try. But, I could not find a snapshot.
Is 16 or 32gig microSD enough?
Any suggestions?

A 32GB card should be enough for kde, your going to be a so cpu/ram short…

sudo apt update
sudo apt install task-kde-desktop

Good Luck!


Again, TY! I will try and see how it goes!