Buttons on LCD Cape can not be exported as they are already in use

This is sort of cross posted as my previous post may not be named to get appropriate attention:

I have an LCD3 on one of my BBB’s and would like to have the buttons accessible from Node.js. The pins seem to be already allocated (the up and down buttons move the browser window) and when I try accessing them I get the following messages:

error: Unable to export gpio-48: Error: EBUSY, resource busy or locked
gpio-48 consumed by left
error: Unable to export gpio-3: Error: EBUSY, resource busy or locked
gpio-3 consumed by enter
error: Unable to export gpio-49: Error: EBUSY, resource busy or locked
gpio-49 consumed by right
error: Unable to export gpio-51: Error: EBUSY, resource busy or locked
gpio-51 consumed by up
error: Unable to export gpio-112: Error: EBUSY, resource busy or locked
gpio-112 consumed by down

There was a post asking this question some time ago but I am not sure it was ever answered and it seems to have been archived. I have tried to find where something is being loaded that might be owning these pins but frankly don’t know linux well enough to know where to look.

Thanks for an y help,

I have continued to struggle with this issue, and continue to hope someone can help. I find it hard to believe that I am the only person that has bought a BBB and and an LCD cape and wanted to access the buttons programmatically? Or am I missing such a simple solution that I shouldn’t have to ask how to do this? Or are so few BBB’s, or LCD capes, being sold that I really am exploring new territory?

In any case I am wasting time trying to learn about BBB architecture when I would rather be writing an application to add some value. I thought that I was on the trail to resolving my issue by editing the device tree. I found the descriptor for the LCD, found the reference to the buttons, deleted them, recompiled the file, rebooted, and the buttons were still allocated. So I deleted all the LCD files from /lib/firmware thinking that would HAVE to get rid of the assignments (and the LCD). But obviously I am missing something cause the LCD and buttons were still there. So I remove the whole cape using “echo -6 >/sys/devices/bone_capemgr*/slots” and sure enough the LCD display goes away…BUT THE BUTTONS ARE STILL ALLOCATED!

How do I find out what process or driver is allocating the buttons??? How do I get rid of that allocation? I will freely admit that I am an application developer and what I know about how Linux works internally is the width of gnats eye lash…