Buy beagleboard in Miami

Hi all. I'm trying to get a Beagle board to play with it a little and
get to know its potential.
I'm from Argentina and its complicated to import electronic parts. I
know a person that is travelling to Miami and may buy the board for me
if I tell him of a shop where to find it. He will be staying just a
couple of days so mailling the board to his hotel is not a feasible

More to the point: does someone know of a shop in Miami that sells the
Beagle board?

BeagleBoards are only sold by authorized distributors as indicated on the Buy page. I don’t know anyone that has a retail location that sells BeagleBoards, although people are buying from DigiKey and other distributors and reselling them all over the place. So, it might be possible, but it is not something that I am aware of.


Thanks for the quick response Gerald.
I'll search for another way.

Carlos escreveu:

Thanks for the quick response Gerald.
I'll search for another way.

Carlos, I've done this before and what I usually do is like this.
1) I contact the hotel, identify myself as the person who will be there
in the days x to y (of course in this case is your friend) and tell them
that I need to send a package before my arrival, if they could please
store it for me. In my experience, they aways do if you have a confirmed
2) I order the object and send to the hotel with plenty of time to be
sure it will get there before my arrival.
3) When I check in I ask for the parcel.
4) Profit!