Buying a BeagleBoard, need some advice from the experts.

I am buying a beagle board, either the C4 or the XM. I want to connect
a 12" LCD and either a Capacitive or Resistive multitouch digitizer.
My idea is to prototype a tablet that only takes notes from a stylus.
Any idea of all the parts I'd need to hook up the LCD and the
digitizer to the beagleboard? Also, which beagle board would you

I'm on a team that is participating in our University's "Innovator of
the Year" competition. We have a EE major on the team, so I think
we'll be capable of doing whatever is necessary.




choice of the board depends on your requirements. C4 board has slower
processor, less ram, but can boot from the on-board flash. xM has more
RAM and faster CPU, but can boot only from an SD card, is slightly
bigger and a bit more expensive than C4. I guess that the SD-only
booting is not an issue for a tablet project, so I think xM would be a
better choice.
Regarding the display and digitizer: you can easily connect any
display that has a DVI input. If you want to connect a "raw" lcd
panel, you will need an interface board.
For the digitizer, you can connect anything with a USB interface.
Finding a driver can be an issue, but I'm sure you will find a
supported touchpanel.
If multi touch is not a strong requirement and you can accept smaller
size display, you can build a nice, tightly integrated device using
one of the off-the-shelf LCD adapters, like ULCD lite, Beagle Touch or