Buying a BeagleBoard outside of the US


I have been trying for the last few hours to order a Rev B4 on Digi-
Key. However I've been told that they are currently unable to sell to
Ireland, or possibly Internationally.
The agent and her supervisor were a little unsure of how to deal with
this but thought that the manufacturers needed to have some kind of
Waiver or Contractual Agreement in place before they could sell
outside the US.
Does anyone know anything about this?
Has anyone successfully ordered a BeagleBoard?


My apologies. As we've been picked up by a distributor, we haven't
provide all of the right documentation required to show that it
possible to sell these boards outside the US and Canada. We are
working to resolve this issue quickly.

I'm also outside the US and I'm planning to buy some BeagleBoard's to
my University. Is there any previsions when it will be available?


Working frantically to have this resolved by Monday, but I cannot say for certain that it will be resolved by then.

could you guys stop sending these emails your going to tell me to login to my beagleboard account and turn it off but i have no idea how to so please tell me. Thank You.



I don’t fully understand your comment, but I have halted you from getting future emails. You can edit your mail delivery preference by going to I guess this is the message you didn’t want to hear, but the work of changing the delivery preference has already been done for you.


What's the Digi-Key part number for the beagleboard? Thanks.

I don’t intend for that information to be shared before Monday.