Buying a Beagleboard

Hi.. I am planning to buy a Beagle Board in India. I guess IDA systems
(Rs.8999) is the best place to buy. Are there any other sellers that
give a better offer?

My other question is - With high voltage fluctuations in India, are
there any precautionary measures that need to be taken while using the

Whats the approx. cost of USB to serial adpater and serial cable in
India? What are the other must-have hardware that should be bought?

Thanks a lot!

At this point, IDA Systems is your best bet. Especially when you consider that they currently are the only supplier that has Beagle for sale. Everyone else is out of stock.

As to voltage precautions, you need to use a well regulated power adapter. You can also power it from a PC USB port.

As to pricing of the other parts in India, I will defer to others in the community that are located in India.