Buying BB-xm accessories in India

Hi folks

I have got a BB-xm from one of my friend but unfortunately do not have
the accessories to get started with it.
Can someone please help me in finding out the distributors/shops of BB-
xm accessories in New Delhi or at least in India.
The site of IDA systems does not show any accessory option and that of
Tent Tech shows only the adapter.
Kindly help me out.

Thanks in advance.
Yogesh Bisht

What accessories?

call them they will give response

Hi Aadeesh

Thanks for your reply. I am looking for:
1)DC power adapter (5V, 2.5A)
2)USB to DB9 RS-232 M cable
If you can help in any way then please let me know.

Yeah definitely. Thanks

Hi ,

Go through the link mentioned below for more information about beagle board accessories in india.



You can get power adapter at tenettech. Look for BAFO usb serial adapter on

On you advice I have bought the BAFO USB serial adapter but whenever I
connect the USB cable, a message pops out saying,""the device driver
was not installed successfully". Can you help me in this?

Install the driver specific to your adapter and OS from

Thanks. The adapter is working now.
I have sent you a chat request in gmail; it would make our
communication a lot easier.