C/C++/Assembly Timer Interrupts Beaglebone Black

Has anyone achieved timer interrupt routines in C/C++ with the black? I have used the signal.h library to generate interrupts and they are quite noisy as is expected. Using signal.h library the shortest time I can achieve between interrupts is about .1 milliseconds which is pretty poor.

Section 6 of the Technical Reference Manual is on the interrupt controller. However, I am not sure where to begin getting my C code to control the interrupt addresses shown in the reference manual.

I know the PRU can be used for interrupts and controlling real time signals. Yet, better performing interrupts on the CPU would still be nice.

You will need to work in the kernel for low latency interrupts. The context switches and signal latency will kill your performance otherwise.

A simple kernel module to manage interrupts shouldn't be difficult; but it all depends on what you are trying to achieve.