C/C++ Program to control onboard leds/GPIO using Visual Studio,GDB

Is there any way to control onboard leds or access gpios using the visual gdb method?
also what more is to be done for the application to start automatically without compilation each time

I have never actually used visual GDB but in theory it should work. You should contact the developer behind visualGDB. Initial support may not be there but once he finds out about he BBB if he has not already. He’d be a fool not to add support.

BTW, probably not what you want to hear, but you can use a GCC toolchain from within visual studio via using make file projects. It is however a big hassle. I’ve done it myself for the MSP430 Launchpad v1.5. toolchain. Debigging does not work like this, but can be made to work using a perl script, and monitoring STD error / STD out From within the Windows environment. Search around a bit there is a code Project article about it.

Thanks Williams…I have found A LINK http://visualgdb.com/tutorials/beaglebone/ …the hello world pgm worked successfully…i want to know about
gpio control using the same and on board led control which however did not work in my case…Also need to know how to run the hello world pgm without compiling it each time…any help regarding the same would be appreciated

There is an awful lot of room for the “what-if” factor Jishnu. Pretty much we would need to know an exact step by step process( that you’ve followed ), and possibly some knowledge of visualGDB / Visual Studio as well.

So if you can tell us what it is you’re trying to do, and the exact steps you’ve taken to try and achieve this. Well then we’d have a better chance at helping you.

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