C++ Compilation using Angstrom Tool chain Linker Errors

Hi all

I downloaded the angstrom tool chain from the angstrom web site.

I used the tool chain to compile to C project.
When i tried to Compiling a C++ project I get the following Linker

Error: L6218E: Undefined symbol __aeabi_vec_new_nocookie.
Error: L6218E: Undefined symbol __aeabi_vec_ctor_nocookie_nodtor .
Error: L6218E: Undefined symbol __aeabi_vec_delete .
Error: L6218E: Undefined symbol __aeabi_vec_new_cookie.

Is it missing some shared object ?

Kindly help


You didn't provide a command line so it is hard to know.

Make sure you link using g++ (not gcc) which will add libstdc++ and
any other bits required.

Basically i am using RVCT to compile for cortex A8. RVCT requires a
GNU tool chain for compiling for ARM Linux ( for the libraries and
headers ) . Hence used the ready made Angstrom tool chain from

I downloaded the following tool chain

I configured RVCT to use Angstrom tool chain libraries and headers

I googled the error and found out that those symbols are defined in

could not locate the shared object in the tool chain

My command line goes like this.

armcc --cpu=Cortex-A8 --cpp --arm_linux_paths --

where the xml file defines the headers and the libraries to be used.

any ideas?