c++ shares memory pum prueba

Hello you all… I am interested in an example for shared memory pru pam, with C++…

Anybody with an example?

What is ’ pum prueba’?

What is

Where do you want to use C++ (ARM or PRU)? From which processor unit[s] do you want the access the shared memeory? How much memory do you need?

Anyhow, find an example on bidirectional transfer between ARM and PRU at libpruio: src/c_examples/pruss_add.c File Reference. The ARM sends numbers to PRU for a computation, the PRU returns the result.

In this case the PRU DRam is used; it’s simple to adapt the example for using the ARM ERam instead.


Thank you for taking the time to respond. I am using the prucookbook examples of shared memory. 4 pwm outputs. I send the frequency from arm, to the pru. I want to use C++ so i can use with ROS. I am looking into your example with libpruio. Havent used it before. Will definetly check it out. Thank you.

sorry. ITs not pru pam, i meant to say PRU PWM