Call for videos/photographs for Maker Faire 2012 by May 7

There are so many projects on-going and we'd like to put together a
collage of all the great activities. We've had a couple of producers
come to us to offer helping us to put together a video and picture
collage as well as some community members, namely Bill Mar of Special

It would be great if you could reply to the list publicly or to me
privately with Bill in copy with a link to a high-resolution
photograph depicting something about what you are working on that in
some way relates to

Ideally, we'd get some 2K video we'd use on the BeagleWall, but we'll
just combine several photographs or videos next to each other to make
it happen.

We *need* the license to be Creative Commons and for it to be clearly
annotated as such on the service you choose to share. Flickr and
YouTube both provide mechanisms for indicating a Creative Commons
license. "Share Alike" is fine as we'll be releasing whatever
materials we create as "Share Alike". "Attribution" is fine, but in
that case you *MUST* include a QR code or URL *IN* your picture or
video to avoid making attribution a manual step.

QR codes and URLs in the pictures/videos are encouraged. We want to
make connections in the community.

Just about any relationship to is welcome, be it work
on ARM open source as part of Linaro, work on any distribution that
runs on the BeagleBoard, making or working with a related product such
as a Gumstix Overo, OpenPandora, IGEP, Devkit8000 or Bug Labs Bug 2.0,
simply building something personal out of a BeagleBoard or just about
anything else.

Summary requirements:
* Relationship to
* Video duration of 3-15s and high-definition preferred (2K or even 4K
desired, 720p sufficient) with no audio required to get the general
* --or-- Photograph with at least 2560x2160 resolution preferred
* Creative Commons license with SA or BY options
* Included URL or QR code if using BY
* Content uploaded somewhere to avoid flooding inboxes (flickr and
youtube recommended)

Deadline is Monday, May 7th.

Also, please come to Maker Faire Bay Area on May 19 and 20 at the San
Mateo Event Center ( There will be some
hands-on workstations for the BeagleBone, the BeagleWall, several new
"capes" and I'll be there to happily answer any Beagle-related
questions you might have.

Any chance you might participate in some of the other, regional Maker Faire’s? For instance, Maker Faire KC happens June 23-24.

Best regards,
Blake Morgan

Any chance you might participate in some of the other, regional Maker
Faire's? For instance, Maker Faire KC happens June 23-24.

Depends on the interest level. This sounds like something good for
another thread.