Camera and DVI capes conflicting

I am trying to get the Camera & DVI capes running by following the instructions in

To differentiate the capes there are 2 switches on each cape. Theoretically it doesn’t matter what value each cape uses, as long as each cape has a unique value.
I went through all 16 combinations of switches but could not find 1 that did not report a conflict. Sometimes the camera loaded OK, sometimes the DVI. When both capes had the same value neither camera or DVI loaded (as to be expected).
THis is a typical part of the boot log

Following more investigations I came upon the notion of dts files (device tree source) and these files outline the resources used both each cape.

Interestingly both the Camera and DVI capes both use a common pin, P8.4. The DVI uses it as some kind of interrupt source and the camera as one if its A2D pins.
Could this be the source of my problem?