Camera extension cable

I have an MT9P031 sensor (Leopard Imaging LI-5M03) working well with my BeagleBoard-xM. I need an extension cable that would allow me to move the camera board outside the BB-xM's enclosure, and to allow the camera to pan around 90 degrees or so under servo control.

Leopard Imaging sells a 2-inch flat extension cable that one might think would work, but doesn't. I have determined that one reason it doesn't is that pins 31, 33, and 34 don't seem to be connected, and pin 31 is the CMOS_FRAME_READY signal of the LI-5M03. This seems to be the reason why captures fail with a "CCDC won't become idle!" kernel message. Leopard Imaging did not respond to e-mail support inquiries.

I tried adding a "white wire" to bring pin 31 across but this didn't work either, possibly because it was too noisy.

Does anyone have any suggestions for sources for 2' to 3' cables that would work at these frequencies, and that I could buy (quantity 1)?

-Peter S. Housel-