camera interface

Is there any plan for the next release to make the native camera
interface available ?

No. Yes. The next version is Rev C4 and it will not have the camera interface on it.

The Rev D version will have the camera interface on it and is scheuled for sometime around May, 2010.


Thanks a lot for your reply. Can't wait for rev D ...

Hypothetically, would it be possible to even think about trying to
hack a C4 board to try and expose the parallel port of the camera
interface ? :slight_smile:

I never discourage people from dreaming, but this one isn’t worth dreaming. The signals are not even brought out from the processor so there is no way to get to them.


Thanks for the reality check. I'll dream of something else ...

Pleasant dream!


Pierre – Go for a Gumstix while waiting for Rev D – There you can access the Camera signals J

Looking forward to Rev D as well…


I too eagerly await the RevD with upcoming camera header.

Don Lewis

Well, just go back to sleep for several months and when you wake up, maybe it will be there.


Or get the LeopardBoard…

Out of interest, what is the difference in the Leopard and Beagle? I’m assuming the GPIOs are different, but is there Angstrom support or kernel support for it?

Sorry, if I had an uptodate kernel I could look, but have stopped with this (at the moment) for various reasons…


Well, one has an ARM9 and the other a Cortex A8. Other than that, they are pretty much totally different. The Rev D Beagle will be using the same camera modules as the Leopard board so that they do have in common.


sir ,
          i am using beagle revision c3 board.i have an application to
handle 2 wireless bluetooth and 2 usb webcams is it possible to do
so.if not what are the other possibilities please let me know.

thanking you sir......