Camera Link on Beagleboard xM?

Hi everyone,

to make sure i understand these things right: the 'camera port' on the
xM is compatible with some daughter boards by a specific vendor. But
it needs 'drivers' to work so i guess the camera port are just some
pins connected directly to the processor, right?

So what would be needed to convert the xM 'camera port' to the Camera
Link ( specification?

Kind regards,

Details of the camera connector can be found in the System Reference Manual (1) of the -xM and the Techincal Reference Manual (1) of the DM3730.

In order to make it support the referenced link will require logic to do the conversion from serial to parallell. A serial interface is supported natively on the DM3730, but it is not supported on the -xM because not all of the serial pins were brought out and the signals that are there were not routed in a differential manner to support that interface.



I was actually hoping for a more 'direct' way to attach the camera
link interface.

From a quick glance at the references i take that this would require
some redesign of the board layout, nothing i can pull of my own.

Anyways, thanks for the quick response,

Understood. Good luck on your search!