Camera port connector part name (pitch spacing, dimension).


I'd like to connect my PPV401 camera module (http:// via camera port to BB-xM.
What is the dimension and pitch spacing of this connector on
BeagleBoard-xM and what connector should I buy to make this?

Thanks for any help.

This part is from a company called CWE. Their part number is F618-MGN1 -D051-34-CF358. It was specified by Leopard Imaging , the makers of the camera modules we use. I suggest you contact CWE or Leopardimaging for the mating connector. I have attached the data sheet for the part. It may be possible to look for other suppliers that may have a similar connector that would mate with it.


2011/7/25 MichaƂ Szczepankiewicz <>

F618-MG_-D051-XX-CF358.pdf (141 KB)