Cameras and the XM

Which leopard imaging cameras current actually work with the
BeagleBoard XM?
I'm most interested in the LI-5M03 - 5M Camera Board.

Many thanks!

The VGA and 3.1MP have been tested. The other cameras they offer should work as well, but SW changes are required. The link for the modules that are compatible with the -xM design can be found here.


Thanks for the info.
I have played with the Leopard Board a fair bit. The biggest problem
was getting the cameras to work with the kernel.
LI-5M03 for example - does not work well. RidgeRun managed to almost
get it going, but with a purple haze over the image.

So, is there new developments on this?
What do you mean by SW changes?


We have drivers for the two cameras I mentioned. Changes will be required in those drivers to set the right clock frequency, data widths, and to allow the SW to detect which camera is there and load the correct drivers. That work has not been done.


Thanks for the reply Gerald!
I probably lack the skill to do that. But would be glad to assist or
pay someone to give it a go - if there is anyone out there capable?
Problem is - I know that a lot of smart people on the Leopard Board
group have been trying for a while and failed.


Well, you need a little experience with the processor. You should be able to take the two drivers that are already working and find someone to help you get them working. We took the driver from the OMAP3530 EVM and ported that to the DM3730. It took a few weeks of working with it. Most of the work was in working out the controls and interface. As that work is already done, the rest should be at a higher level.


Hi CJ,
   I noticed your posting about the XM camera drivers. Which one in
particular are you interested in getting working on the Xm? Have you
already started the process? I have been doing a bit of digging
through the camera stuff for my own project and might be able to help
a little.