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I’m beginner as you, but to question 1. I was looking for tutorials, materials, anything what could help me. One of the most usefull is With support of site and this group obviously, you can start. Free Electrons changed training board from BeagleBoard to IGEPv2 board but as says “IGEPv2 Platform is a Spanish BeagleBoard clone, slightly larger, with additional peripherals like e.g. ethernet connector, wifi+bluetooth.”.

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Thank you Valdez for your quick reply. Visited the site at it proves great. Thank you for your help.

Meanwhile, could anyone get me an answer to question 2 (regarding the camera), as we have to rush up to finish the project?.
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The suggested camera for beagleboard is Leopard camera. Please check the below links for more information!topic/beagleboard/cH5mJVc2sBY

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Thank you Jyothi for your prompt response. And sorry for not being available on time.

We are doing a project funded by our college on robotics. Googling, I found out that Leopard imaging cameras are compatible with Beagleboard. But my problem is that my friends bought a CMOS camera from a local electronics store (CAM130). It seems to be a compatible product for friendlyARM boards. But the processor of these boards is a bit slow compared with beagleboard.(And they prove more costly too). If the camera that is already bought could not be used on beagleboard, we have to bear the cost ourselves, for it is a waste. So, even if it isnt recommended, is there a way that could be used to interface the camera to beagleboard?
The datasheet is available at

Pin configuration is available at

Thank you community, for the great deal of interest and motivation put by you on noobies like us.

Just at first glance, you will need to design a board that this camera plugs into and does a level shift from 3.3V to 1.8V that the BeagleBoard needs and supplies the other voltages required. So, that is an added cost. It would be cheaper to use the Leopard module than have to design the adapter board for this imager.


The link: resolves to a “Page not found”
Otherwise, one of the leopard boards,LI-TB02, sells for $149.00.