can anyone help me regarding ARM C Programming ??

I want to program on ARM Cortex A8 , processor ( On Beagleboard).
the language which i am gonna use is C or C++.

In cases, like running programs which uses large space or with greater time complexities i got very poor performance and code took mach longer time to run.

so definately programming on ARM processors is different then usual C programs running on intel core i-5 processors.

I was thinking of some techniques that may help me to enhance the performance of program. this techniques can be anything like changing the code or including some libraries or some changes in compilation.

so please help me regarding this.
Basically i want to learn programming on ARM processors effectively.


Rajan Buha

As a short answer - most of us could.
But most of us also have something far better to do.
Sit down, do your homework and when you have done it
come back with your detailed questions.

Only then you will get expert help.


I am learning as well and the best resources I’ve found are here:

Profile and google the bottleneck

For bare-metal system, I would suggest reading the following reference

Hope it will help.

Tsan-Ming Chou

2012/5/30 rajan buha <>