Can BB help me control the position of motorized potentiometer

In my project I need to control the volume level through a motorized potentiometer; I guess I can have a compact board like BB to allow users to control the volume of an amplifier/mixer by means of custom Android app, installed on their Android phone.; for now I am thinking to use motorized pots from P3America Inc - they have pots controlled by (if not wrong) 4-5 V DC, yet to see if they have logarithmic ones . . .

In a nutshell, the idea is to have the user to connect his Android phone/tablet by means WiFi or RJ45 (home intranet network) to BB which is located inside the amp/mixer box (the box), and be allowed to switch the box ON/OFF, to control the volume, and … for now let’s speak only about the functionality to control the volume pot.

The Question is: have anyone worked on a project where they controlled a small (servo-) DC motor (3-6 V) via Beagle Board, or any similar board (on I’ve seen similar, more expensive boards ) ? Possibly, to allow ability the BB board to receive a feed back from the motor unit about the current position (like 45 % of the MAX ), so the custom app can display it. The plan is to control the pot’s power supply - I don’t expect the BB to be able to directly supply power to the driving motor.

Yes, this is too primitive a functionality for a compact computer like BB, but I will need it, because later it will also allow streaming audio/video, USB and SD cards mp3/ogg files storage.

Thanks in an advance.

Definitely seems feasible. There are a couple of motor control capes that could help you out like this one. There’s no real support or substantial documentation for them, but presumably someone has used them before and you can get going quickly.

There are some resources on the TI site that may help you guide your decision. You may also find success with boards more purpose-built for robotics like the Robovero, or even Arduino-based platforms (although it’ll make developing the app interface a little more challenging).

Good luck!