Can Bus/CanOpen all send signal dropped


for last 2 weeks I had hard time to figure out how in the hell can bus works :smiley: I got true it and at-least I’m getting something from can bus line when I turn the devices on. I’m not sure what it is yet :D.

However I have measured the can bus line and found there is 120Ohm resistor … it took me about week to research and tons of testing to find out. How should I connect the line and good there is soo much of “unuseful”(***** some bad words) informations out there. An other week I spend working with BeagleBone Black rev C to get can bus working and once and again there is tons of “unuseful” informations. But again got it working :smiley:

How ever when I prepare the can interface, run the candump and the turn devices on. I get this:
… 0x705 [1] 00
… 0x706 [1] 00
… 0x707 [1] 00

… 0x708 [1] 00

On the line there are 4 motors that are control by 4 Whistle 5/60 from Elmo Motion Control. So the 705 706 707 708 should be the can id’s. Is that right?
After checking on the can interface I see there is some Rx going on.
So after reading so “much” information that is out there I start trying to send some information on can bus line:
cansend can1 000#81.00
This should do NMT Reset. Right after that I check stats. and see there is more Rx no Tx and see that the there is 1 dropped on Tx line and all the interface get restarted(I got tired of doing it manually so I set the restart-ms to 100ms). and on oscilloscope connected to can bus line I didn’t see any changes but on pin 26 (on the BBB) I had something that was send to can transceiver.

Can some please help me figure out what am I doing wrong?

Hello everyone,

I am mallem kumar, working with Beaglebone black, i want to make a one more new Ethernet port to Beaglebone Black. please help me how can i make it and what are the processors pins i can be used instead of my new Ethernet port.