CAN BUS MCP2515 and dts labels

Hi all,

iam hving difficulties in getting my can stuff working witt BBB ReavA5A and a CAN SPI [Click]

BB-MIKROBUS-01-00A1.dts (2.05 KB)

Did you ever figure this out? I am attempting the same thing and not having
any luck.


Yes Did succeed send you more information tonight CET

Ferdinand Haselbacher

Hi Eric,

which Probles do you encounter?

Do you have mikrobus-capes or another cape/shield?

i can send you my working dts for Angstrom if you want to.

A good starting point for getting this stuff working (if you’re not using a mikrobus/cape) is to check TowerTechs TT3201 dts files, that’s where i started. Maybe you can post your dts files and i’ll see what i can make.

For me it is definitly working.
so far,


I’m currently trying to get MCP2515 working via SPI0.0. I’ve written my device tree overlay and loaded it with BB-SPIDEV0, but it isn’t working (error from dmesg below). Please could you share/send your working DTS file?

mcp251x spi0.0: could not find pctldev for node /ocp/interrupt-controller@48200000, deferring probe