CAN-Cape and CAN-Cammonucation on BBB

Hey guys,

for my bachelor thesis I’m implementing a CAN - communication on the BBB with two CAN - capes. I followed the steps on the website ( I started sending CAN - frames with ‘cansend’ but nothing appears on the other side while using ‘candump’.

My steps:

  1. I installed the debian-image downlaoded from the website
  2. I followed up all instructions and the interfaces went up
    2.1. The Voltage between both wires is 0 V (this is right for the CAN specification)
    2.2. I can’t boot the BBB while pressing the described ‘BOOT’ Button. The Power LED is on but the 4 other LEDs are doing nothing. (The CAN Interface still gets up)

Im new to the linux world and hope some experts can help me finding the bugs and help me to setup my CAN communication. If you need some additional information I will collect them.

With best regards