can do nothing with SD

I decided to stick with the BBB and learn as much as possible- I am trying to go one step further and try a different OS.

I have tried many different things, and read everything I can on the subject- but no luck.

I can see the MLO files and Root files on the sd card, but when I try to flash the bbb I get one of two things.

  1. is only the power light comes on, and nothing else.

  2. user 3 and 0 come on and stay on.

I have tried 2 different 5v, 2 amp power supplies, and 4 different micro SD cards. I must have tried 5-6 different images, deleting and re-downloading each many times.

I have tried micro sd cards factory new, some re-formatted to Fat, etc.

What am I missing here?

Follow the steps. All the steps. And you should have no issues.