can i bring up new BB via networking only?

at the moment, i don't have the proper serial cable, but i have more
than enough USB cables/adapters/etc if it's possible to put the BB on
a network and have it come up at either a hard-coded IP address or
grab something from a router via DHCP. is that possible? am i asking
a dumb question?


It's possible, but it's still extremely experimental last I looked. Your best bet is to use the marked trail if you "just" want to get it running.

i suspected as much, i just thought i'd take a chance and ask.


Robert, if you want to take chances there are two things you can try:

One is to run an initial console over USB. This is still pretty
experimental but documented on
The other one is to use a pre cooked mmc image either from the getting
started on elinux or from koen's generator and use that. If you are
lucky and boot from mmc, you should (after a while) see something on a
terminal connected to the beagle (use a terminal not a tv).

Then agian if you have an old serial cable lying around it would not
be too difficult to make a proper cable from it.
afaik no level shifters are needed, so you can just cut the cable and
mount the proper connector.


thanks. it's not like this is critically important, i just can't
lay hands on a proper serial cable at the moment so i thought i'd
examine the alternatives. i should get a cable within the next day
or so.