Can i have both UART and USB as console on my BBB/Debian 9?

I can use USB-COM to access my BBB (Debian 10) console. How can I also enable UART0 on the header to act like a console?

The FTDI header on J1 is enabled by default as uart0 console…


Thanks! I thought the UART was exposed in the headers :joy:

a few more uarts are available on the two headers… The console isn’t enabled by default thru them, you can enable them…


Any pointer to enable console thru them?

Simple, you’ll need to update the boot args:


to which uart you want to use…

Then make sure you enable teh overlay for the usart you want…


I am a newbie to debian.

I looked into /boot/, /dev, and /bin, but didn’t find anything that has the line “console=ttyS0,115200n8”, could you be so kind to give me a pointer, thanks!

regarding “enable the overlay”, do you mean the below section in \boot\uEnv.txt ?

###Master Enable

So you might be able to force that in /boot/uEnv.txt much newer versions of u-boot i had exported that variable…

looks good…