Can i put Windows XP on this thing?

I came across this product via reddit, and it got me thinking.
I would love to use the DSLR Remote control application for the
iPhone, but it requires my DSLR to be hooked up to a computer. If i
could set up the tethering application on the Beagle Board, it's
something i could probably easily just attach to the tripod.
Here's the app i am referring to

Keep reading. The Beagle Board does *NOT* have an Intel/i386 compatible CPU, so running an OS that depends on that isn’t likely to happen.

gphoto2 ought to be able to handle that camera, and its linux based.


You can use gphoto2 instead of the camera control software on Windows
XP, which is a known work app on several popular arm boards with usb
host support.

Glen Duncan wrote: