Can I use all 6 PWM at a time ? in beaglebone

Hello All,

I am working on a project which needs 6 PWM output to control a BLDC motor. Can I use all pwm output at a time ?
And how can I configure ehrpwm0 ? It is not their in sysfs. Only ehrpwm1 and ehrpwm2 is available in sysfs interface.
Is it better to use sysfs interface to control the BLDC motor, I mean can I use sysfs for real-time control ?

Thanks in advance.

Hi! It depends on what distribution you are planning to use and if you
are using other peripherals which are muxed through the same pins as
the PWM subsystem. But you can easily get 6 PWM outputs. I think sysfs
is the easiest way.
Have a look at
and if you are using C++ you could also have a look at

For the first link I meant