can no longer connect via os x

Initially I was able to connect via OS X – could launch the start page from the mounted BBB, able to install drives, able to connect to, and also ssh to the BBB. However, on subsequent use, I can no longer connect. The board will mount and I can see the files in the Finder, but the start.htm page won’t render & it does not show in the Terminal window (no response to ping or nmap). The board LED’s appear to be behaving.



Is it possible that your router reassigned the DHCP address?

If so, you might access the router and see what’s assigned, on my Linksys router the table is under Status->Local Network->DHCP Clients table; my BBB running Debian shows up as ‘arm’. I’m assuming you’re not running the default Angstrom with the hosed dropbear issue as you’ve been able to ssh in the past. DAMHIK :wink: