Can no longer flash debian

I had a previous distro on the beaglebone black. However I can no longer access it (not sure what I did) so I downloaded the BeagleBone Black (eMMC flasher) from and wrote it to the sd card.

I hold the button until all leds light up to copy debian to the emmc. Twice now I have let it go about an hour but it seems like it never works. The 2nd and 4th LED show lots of activity (USR0 and USR2) but I never get to the solid 4 solid leds. If I hook up an Ethernet cable I can ssh into the beaglebone. But once I remove the card I cannot.

Are you holding the boot button down when you power on the board?


One more note. Make sure you are using the flasher version. There are two different versions on that page.


Yes, I hold it down until all 4 LEDS are solid for a moment or two.

Just saw I double posted, sorry about that, not familiar with google groups…

Make sure you have the flasher version, the second one.


That;s the one I used,### BeagleBone Black (eMMC flasher)

Debian (BeagleBone Black - 2GB eMMC) 2014-03-27

Well, you will need to get help most likely from Robert or some other folks.


You can dump the flashing status via:

tail -f /boot/uboot/debug/flash-eMMC.log

Either ssh in, or via serial, that file will give us a clue what's going on.


Two other thoughts from days past. Make sure you are on DC and not USB, which I don’t think is the issue here, and make sure the Ethernet is unplugged. I know on Angstrom Ethernet played havoc with flashing.