Can not connect to a new BB-Green at using windows-7 laptop

Greetings - The getting started instructions state ===>
If connected via USB, a network adapter should show up on your computer. Your Beagle should be running a DHCP server that will provide your computer with an IP address of either or, depending on the type of USB network adapter supported by your computer’s operating system. Your Beagle will reserve or for itself.

WHAT should I see at device manager → Network Adaptors that indicates the downloaded and installed drivers I installed are truly there?

I can not connect to my new Beaglebone Green using a USB cable (no wireless)
After initially installing the SD card that came with the new BBG, applying 5VDC thru the supplied USB
cable and waiting for the BBG to go DARK after performing its upgrades, I removed the power and the SD card and restarted the BBG.

The BBG is happily heartbeating but I am unable to connect to it. Surely this BBG should be newby-proof and be easier to use - I qualify as a super-newby and am stuck with a non-functioning BBG.



I am not sure about Win 7 any longer. Try or your actual IP Address…

Check the IP Address in the utility for your Internet. Also, there are newer images available that work too.

Or…you can try a COM Port on the Windows Desktop machine. Win 7 ran out of updates/upgrades a while back. So, this idea makes me think that is not doable for now. Maybe someone knows…


P.S. On this forums page, there are some images available for use.

Also…do you have an Ethernet cable for use for updates/upgrades?

Good morning Seth

I’ve tried the and and neither connects to the BBG.
IF “check the IP Address in the utility…” means using the CMD line command
IPCONFIG to find ===>

  • Ethernet Adapter Local Area Connection 2 ==> ipv4 address
  • Wireless LAN adapter ==> 192.168…8.128

I do not know how to use a COM port to potentially access the BBG. - I am an
OLD Analog/RF guy not an IT/digital-apps/SW capable person, New language
to learn w/r/t “images” not being a photo or piece of art.

I do know my turnkey BB-kiwi combo bought years ago runs successfully on my
DELL E6510 laptops using OS = Windows-7.

What I have now is a BBG just blinking-out the heartbeat while being powered
by the laptop thru a USB cable connection.

I just powered-down the BBG, inserted the SD card that came with the new
BBG, pressed and held the 'Reset" button and applied power to the BBG.
The ‘getting smart’ SW loading time finally came to an end and the BBG shut
itself down. I removed the SD card and applied power again.

The BBG still can not be connected to the laptop.

Again, WHAT should I see when inspecting the NETWORK ADAPTER list
on the laptop to know the appropriate DRIVERS are correctly installed?

I see the following entries under the Network Adapters:

  • BLUETOOTH (2 entries)
  • DW1501 Wireless-N …
  • Intel(R) 82577LM Gigabit Network Connection
  • Microsoft Virtual WiFi miniport Adapter
  • USB Ethernet/RNDIS Gadget

and no mention of anything BBG. Is this a problem ??


debian@beaglebone.local : for PuTTY on Win 11

ssh debain@beaglebone.local : for Debian Linux

usually, there is a Boris (the beagle dog) icon on the This PC section of your file manager in Win.

That signifies a working board and in this case, the am335x on the BBG.

One thing to try is get balena etcher and update to a newer image. The only thing is that I cannot promise it will work.

The fact that Win 7 has been discarded along w/ previous versions means that there are really no one or a group so to say that will support the OS.

W/ this in mind, may be an update to Win 11 may prove useful or get a Linux machine. The BBG works well w/in the Linux kernels and OSs.


P.S. Outside of that idea, PuTTY has been sort of popular in my world for now and I can sign in to the BBG or BBB w/ Ethernet and USB, gain access to the filesystem, and utilize the peripherals onboard the machines they produce, i.e. BBB, BBBW, BBBlue, and etc.

Hello again Seth

Thanks for the forwarded message.

Hopefully, someone can determine/explain what is
happening with my BBG experience !!

73 Dick/w7wkr

There are different ideas on that page. Use Balena Etcher and flash the image to SD Card.

Put the SD Card in. Sign in and then reboot.


P.S. If you do not mind losing any data on your BBG, that image will update your image/firmware/ideas…

Hello again Seth

Well, all that stuff looks like it is for a ‘Network’ and not
my case of getting the BBG to communicate with my laptops.

Even worse, all of that stuff appears to be about 3-orders-of-magnitude
above my knowledge/paygrade !!

At this point I am nervous about writing-over the info in the SD card
shipped with the BBG (however, it seems to be useless to me because
after using it several times trying to get the BBG to function has failled!)


Hi @dick

I think you will find that under network adpters

The USB connection to the BBG will be the USB Ethernet/RNDIS Gadget.

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