can not port ics 4.0 on bb xm

OMAP3 Beagle board + LPDDR/NAND
I2C: ready
DRAM: 256 MiB
NAND: 512 MiB
*** Warning - bad CRC, using default environment

In: serial
Out: serial
Err: serial
Beagle Rev C4
No EEPROM on expansion board
timed out in wait_for_bb: I2C_STAT=1000
No EEPROM on expansion board
Die ID #5eca000700000000015154781801101e
musb-hdrc: ConfigData=0xde (UTMI-8, dyn FIFOs, bulk combine, bulk split, HB-ISO)
musb-hdrc: MHDRC RTL version 1.400
musb-hdrc: setup fifo_mode 4
musb-hdrc: 28/31 max ep, 16384/16384 memory
USB Peripheral mode controller at 480ab000 using PIO, IRQ 0
Net: usb_ether
Hit any key to stop autoboot: 0
mmc0 is current device
gpio: pin 173 (gpio 173) value is 1
gpio: pin 7 (gpio 7) value is 0
SD/MMC found on device 0
reading uEnv.txt
** Unable to read file uEnv.txt **
reading zImage
** Unable to read file zImage **
Booting from nand …

NAND read: device 0 offset 0x280000, size 0x400000
4194304 bytes read: OK
Bad Linux ARM zImage magic!