Can someone confirm my suspicions about a bad serial port?

Problem: Upon very first boot, I have no communication via RS232 port
however LCDs and audio out function correctly.

Beagle set up is as follows:

First attempts - 10 pin ribbon cable from RS232 port (straight
through) to null modem adapter to Linux PC running Kermit (115200/8/n/
1/no flow control), headset plugged into audio out, powered up with 5v

Results - Power light comes on, a second or two later the other three
LCDs come on, headset beeps, nothing shows in Kermit terminal except
one non-printable character

Additional attempts involved in changing PCs (Linux for Mac OS X and
WinXP inside of VMWare) and swapping the ribbon cable/null modem
connection for a ribbon cable/null modem/serial-USB adapter.

I tested the 10 conductor ribbon cable on other devices (rabbit
semiconductor products) and it works fine. I also connected the PCs
back to back with the null-modem adapter and things worked once

I suspect the beagle is booting correctly because of the sequence of
LCDs coming on and the sound in the headset.

Is there anything else that I could try before RMA'ing the beagle?

Thanks in advance...

Tom Edwards

Go through the Serial Troubleshooting section of the Rev B5 Reference manual. It steps you through the process of checking everything out. It also provides a look to other sources of information as well.


Ooops - Sorry for the two typos in the original post. LEDs, not LCDs.



Thanks for the document. I'll check it out and post the results.