can someone donate a quick and dirty module to flash LEDs on BBB from kernel space?

i'm kind of strapped for time this week so i'm going to shamelessly
ask if someone can point me at the simplest variant of a loadable
module that will let me turn on/off one of the four LEDs on a BBB from
*kernel* space. user space is easy -- that's explained in a number of
places like this:

  based on my perusal of the code under drivers/leds, i can already
see the global list of leds in the variable "leds_list", and how one
can loop through the list of LEDs in led-triggers.c with:

        list_for_each_entry(led_cdev, &leds_list, node) {
                if (!led_cdev->trigger && led_cdev->default_trigger &&
                            !strcmp(led_cdev->default_trigger, trig->name))
                        led_trigger_set(led_cdev, trig);

so i'm sure i could eventually tease out what i need, but if someone
else already has something like that, that would be just ducky.