Can the BeagleBone Cookbook be applied to Beagleplay as well?

I am eager to purchase a BeaglePlay asap (BeaglePlay® - BeagleBoard). I already own a microcontroller (Particle Photon 2) so I know what I am getting for the most part. What I mainly need to know is do I have good documentation on the BeaglePlay?

All that being said, I noticed the Beaglebone cookbook and it would pretty much be all I would need to get started. Can I apply the code examples given in that cookbook to the BeaglePlay as well? At least for the most part? Without too much configuring or editing of the code to get things to work?

Also, on the Photon I flash each time I want to start a new project but this will be different with the beagleboards. 1) should I upgrade the onboard flash as soon as I can? Any reason not to do this? I see there’s a mention of an SD card, should I get one of those and use that instead? How do you all do this? I figure I’d just flash the onboard memory but that might not be the best way to go so figured I’d ask. I already have plenty of Linux and a fair amount of programming experience so not too concerned doing those types of things. The hardware is more of a learning curve for me.

An excellent solution would be the get the Beaglebone black and the book titled Exloploring Beaglebone by Derek Molloy. Its published by Wiley.

BBB is a very good board and very well documented in his book. Some sections like the yocto section are a bit dated but its not a negative issue.


BBB also has a solid working Yocto build. This is priceless when learning how to use yocto. So, you would gain hardware and Yocto value from BBB.

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